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31 Jul 2020 »

Making FRNDS

Making friends and hanging around with people was never my cup of tea. I have always found myself not being able to mingle with people so easily. It is not similar to being introvert rather it is something more inclined to one’s own preferences and frame of mind. Having said this, I don’t know how many of you can relate with this but for me friendship is something much more special and sublime than being in any relationship.

So ,I ended up eventually making a person my so-called best-friend when I was in class 10 but ended up being completely disappointed and kinda lost trust in friendship, when I realized that the person whom I considered my best-friend had since that time been always judging me based on my certain attributes which the person found disgusting.

Cutting the story short

The whole point of referencing to that incident was just to prove that it happens sometimes that we perceive certain people as someone in our mind but it is actually not who they are in reality! We end up having a completely different version of a person in mind, and create whole new future stories based on that perception which is INCORRECT.

“I am not responsible for your version of me in your mind”

These certain aspects in our life just makes me wander that does LOVE truly exists ,apart from the love from our family?


The two feelings which we all find it very difficult to have for another person is LOVE and TRUST. Is it true that for being able to fight the daily hurdles of life it is necessary to have someone whom you can completely trust and love??

MIND –>”No,it isnt I am strong enough !”

HEART—>”Yes,sometimes to pass certain obstacles you just need someone who can have faith in you when the entire world including yourself lose hope”.

Do think about this !

For my opinion wait for the next blog .XD

Everything in life about friends is not so warming and funny as portrayed in this sit-com "friends"